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LytePost is a Revolutionary Stanchion Solution

We know how important making the right first impression is. Controlling your clients' entry while keeping them excited has always been a large challenge. LytePost was invented with this in mind, keeping a positive energy at the point of entrance will not only impress your clients but will make a great first impression. LytePost will not only help impress current clients but is a great tool to attract new clients as well. Our visible stanchions stand out from the rest bringing attention to your store front and allowing for great branding opportunities.


A stunning visual experience to capture your audience's attention and guide them to the point of sale.


Our LytePost solutions are perfect for any environment and any scenario. Possibilities are endless.


Your business deserves as many eyeballs on it as possible. This is a great way to stand out from the rest.


From different lighting set ups and finishes, LytePost will adhere to your customers and brand needs.

Our Awesome Features

LytePost is packed with features to extend or inhance your current venues' ambience and impressionability

Many Colors

Our RGB LED’s have 9 solid color settings with multiple active light settings, allowing you to change colors and modes instantly.

Audio Responsive

The adjustable acoustic control setting allows for your LytePosts to synchronize with the frequency of your venue's music.

Remote Controlled

Our IR Controller is capable of controlling multiple units at the same time within proximity of each other.

Rechargeable Power Bank

Each stanchion comes with 1 power bank, however there are 2 USB ports so 2 power banks can be plugged in simultaneously.

Long Lasting Charge

A single power bank lasts between 8.5 hours and 24 hours depending on the setting, and 2X that when you plug in two.

Suitable For Any Market

From Nightclubs, Bars, Restaurants, Airports, Banks, Store Fronts, Special Events, to Valets and more.

Custom Advertising

The LytePost tube cover is a 2 screw top allowing for simple insertion and changing of custom signage.

Multiple Finishes

Our bases are available in chrome, brass, and black finishes to adhere to your current aesthetic.

Many Accessories

LytePost can be fitted with different signage, finishes, and topping fixtures to allow for additional branding.

Meet the IR Controller and its Features

With many settings and colors, the possibilities are endless to create the perfect experience for your patrons

For all of the features of LytePost please click Our Demo link below


What are you waiting for? Guide your guests through color & light NOW!!!